Arlington Baths

The Arlington Baths Club is the oldest surviving Victorian bathing complex in the world.

The Turkish Room built in 1875 is a Glaswegian homage to the Alhambra.

As a continual source of inspiration the Arlington is unparalleled. In my pre-children days l would arrive at 7.30am for an early morning swim before heading to my studio in East Campbell Street. I’d meet the same group of swimmers each day – one of whom Nanzie, has appeared in many of my paintings, both in her home and at the Arlington.

During my evening visits, on ladies’ night, the Turkish Suite was always a draw. The outside world did not often impose here. I felt l could be anywhere in the world-at any time, past or present .

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Turkish Sunlight

75cm x 80cm - Oil on Board - 2000

Arlington Baths Trio

60cm x 80cm - Oil on Board - 2000

Arlington Baths Exit

60cm x 90cm - Oil on Canvas - 1990

Arlington Baths Ladies' Night

40cm x 45cm - Oil on Canvas - 1994


75cm x 80cm - Oil on Board - 2007

The Pool 9am

40cm x 45cm - Oil on Board - 1992