During my artistic career I have had the pleasure of visiting cities such as Venice and Amsterdam in my constant search for new ideas.However I know Glasgow has the power to inspire as much as those aristocratic citadels.

Sometimes I become a tourist in my own city, spending hours in George Square and observing the city coming to life. I have toured the City chambers and lunched in the cafes that can be found down the streets that run off the square and around its corners. Glasgow never remains still and in the last few years cafe society has really blossomed.

In contrast I have also found myself becoming increasingly attracted to local allotment communities . This is not the most obvious place to think about leisure since these are also places of hard  work. But, in the middle of the city where gardens can be in short supply, they allow some insights into the dramatic changes which nature affects. Who knew there were so many shades of green, which necessitated a total change of palette and the purchase of prohibitively expensive oil paint.

To complement these studies of nature in its many guises I have also explored the architectural splendour of The Kibble Palace, in the Botanic Gardens. Outside  in the rain, with the early morning diffused light, I  peered through the walls of glass panes, seeing the structure reflected and distorted amongst the fish in the pond .Again while looking in I was drawn to the abstract pattern of leaves pressing against the windows of the Palm House.

Alison's Hut -Beechwood Allotments

30cm x 30cm - Oil on Canvas - 2014

Rocket Fireworks Over the City Chambers

George Square

25cm x 20cm - Oil on Canvas - 2011

Di Maggios

20cm x 20cm - Oil on Canvas

Botanic Fish

50cm x 75cm - Oil on Canvas - 2014

City Chambers Staircase

30cm x 25cm - Oil on Canvas - 2011

City Sun - Royal Exchange Square

25cm x 30cm - Oil on Canvas - 2011

City Sun - The Social

25cm x 30cm - Oil on Canvas - 2011

George Square - Fairground

75cm x 100cm - Oil on Canvas - 2011

Kibble Palace Doorway - After the Rain

20cm x 20cm - Oil on Canvas - 2014

Lights Down

20cm x 20cm - Oil on Canvas - 2011

Looking Inwards - Spring Morning

Looking inwards - Spring Morning

Palm House Quartet

75cm x 100cm - Oil on Canvas - 2014

Palm House Trio

75cm x 100cm - Oil on Canvas - 2014